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Rivkin Super is an SMSF administration and general investing advice service designed to support and educate passionate, self-directed SMSF investors get the most from their funds.

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Statistics derived from ATO Self-managed super fund statistical report, September 2014, and ASIC-sponsored Rice Warner report, Costs of operating SMSFs, May 2013.
While there is no minimum balance, we recommend SMSF investors consider costs as a percentage of their fund balance.

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We’re dedicated to supporting passionate, self-directed investors who want to get the most from their retirement fund. For over four years, we’ve been taking care of SMSF compliance, and educating and empowering hundreds of investors to make sound investment decisions for their financial future.

Whether your fund is straight-forward, complicated, or anything in between – we can help you. And right now – it’s absolutely free for the first year.

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A Rivkin Super membership is your:


  • Your personal contact
  • Compliance assurance
  • Fund audit and tax returns
  • Day-to-day management and admin

Stock Broker

  • Platforms with competitive brokerage and offerings
  • In-house dealers to place trades
  • We can help you avoid costly errors

General Investment Advisor

  • Investment strategy templates and model portfolios to follow
  • Your fund manager (for wholesale investors only)

Investment Committee

  • Best investment minds thinking locally and globally
  • Both growth and income focus
  • Risk and capital protection experts
Meet the full team here.
How Rivkin Super helps you set up and manage your SMSF
  • Help choosing a trustee type
  • Set up the company (for corporate trustees only)
  • Help appointing any members
  • Organise the trust and trust deed.
  • Open banking and trading accounts
  • Register your fund with the ATO
  • Provide an investment strategy template
  • Compliance requirements such as trustee declarations.

  • Help rolling over any existing super
  • Guidance regarding employer contributions.
  • General local investment advice
  • Document and maintain records.

  • Fund audit
  • Prepare and lodge your income tax return
  • Organise any tax payments
  • Ongoing general local investment advice.
  • Asset valuation (shares only)
  • Maintain records
  • General compliance
  • Pension payments and help organising actuarial certificates (for funds in pension phase).

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How to choose a package that is right for you


  • All fund set up administration.
  • All annual audit, tax and compliance administration.
  • Quarterly member balance reporting.
  • Competitive cash and trading accounts with 24/7 access.
  • General investing advice via Rivkin Local.
  • Direct and unlimited access to the Rivkin Super team.
  • Accumulation funds only.
  • Investments in term deposits; managed funds; ASX-listed stocks, hybrids, real estate investment trusts, installment warrants.
$204.16 per month 


All Standard services

  • Pension funds (includes liaison with Actuaries, and the establishment and maintenance of pensions).
  • Investments in real property (with gearing and without); options trading; and all other asset classes as permitted by law.
$254.16 per month 


All Standard and Premium services

  • More than one past tax return
  • Asset segregation
  • Assistance with non-complying funds
  • Fund wind-ups
  • Death benefits
  • Trust deed amendments
  • Business activity statements
  • Unlisted companies, joint ventures, and other accounting structures
  • Other services as agreed.

$204.16 per month 

$254.16 per month 




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Frequently-asked questions

I’m not sure I’m ready to start my own SMSF, can I still apply?

We love helping people make informed decisions about their financial future. To register your interest in speaking to an SMSF expert, simply complete and submit your contact details on the first page of the application only and we’ll call you to discuss. Alternatively, you can call us during AEST business hours on 1300 366 145 and ask to speak to the Rivkin Super team.

What kind of commitment does an SMSF require?

As the trustee of your fund, you’re the only one who holds total responsibility – regardless of the service(s) you choose to outsource. An SMSF is a big financial decision, so it’s important you’re across some of the risks.

I’m after personal advice, is this what Rivkin Super offers?

Should you become a Rivkin Super member, we are licensed to provide tax advice in relation to your superannuation and personal situation. Rivkin Super also comes with a Rivkin Local complimentary membership, which is licensed to provide general advice only, under AFSL 332802. If you require specific financial advice regarding your entire personal situation, you may wish to speak with a licensed financial planner.

I don’t know which package is right for me, can I still apply?

Absolutely – we list the packages above purely for transparency of our ongoing fees and to showcase the flexibility of our service. Irrespective of which package you select inside the our online application form, we’ll still call you to ensure it’s the right one for your needs.

Terms and Conditions

*Application approval conditions apply. An SMSF attracts additional fees outside of the free offer including, but not limited to, brokerage and the compulsory ATO Supervisory Levy. By submitting your online application, you accept our company Terms and Conditions,  risks and additional costs associated with an SMSF. Custom packages will be quoted on a fixed monthly ongoing fee prior to application approval. Monthly fees, to be withdrawn automatically from your Macquarie CMA or nominated SMSF cash account. If you’re not sure if an SMSF is right for you or you have any questions about this offer or our services, please call us during business hours AEST on 1300 748 546 and ask to speak to someone in the Rivkin Super team. Please remember that SMSF investors (trustees) are ultimately responsible for all decisions regarding their SMSF. Please note we only set up SMSFs that we take on the administration for.

DISCLAIMER: Rivkin aims to provide clear and simple information to those visiting our website. If any part of this disclaimer does not make sense, please phone Rivkin and ask to speak with a member of our Dealing and Relationship Management Team. Rivkin provides general advice and dealing services on securities, derivatives and superannuation (SMSF). Rivkin also provide SMSF administration and accounting services. Rivkin does not provide advice that takes into account your, or anybody else's, investment objectives, financial situation or needs. We strongly suggest that you consult an independent, licenced financial advisor before acting upon any information contained on this website. Investing in and trading securities (such as shares listed on the ASX) and/or derivatives (such as Contracts for Difference or 'CFDs') carry financial risks. CFDs carry with them various additional risks that differ from more simple securities such as fully-paid company shares. Some of these risks include not owning the underlying instrument from which a price is being derived, settling trades 'over the counter' with a financial institution rather than on a stock exchange, and using leverage to gain access to trades that may have a higher face value than your initial deposit. This risk of leverage means that it is possible to lose more than your initial investment. Our aim is to create more life choices for our clients, which means improving the wealth of clients throughout many market cycles by nurturing a relationship spanning many years. If you are not comfortable with your understanding of the risks involved before using a Rivkin product and service, please contact our office to seek further information or a Product Disclosure Statement, or make an appointment to sit with one of our friendly financial experts. It is in our interest for your Rivkin experience to be a rewarding and comfortable one. Rivkin is a trading name of Rivkin Securities ABN 87123290602, which holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 332 802.