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"The Rivkin team have helped me comfortably retire at 60. Thanks to Rivkin we have 8.8 times what we started with, even despite one of the world's worst GFC. These guys are good; almost perfect certainly "Damn Good". Their 2015 trades are 100% profitable. I usually experience double digit returns and on one occasion 23%."

Daryl L. (Rivkin member since 2002)

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The Event Strategy comes as part of an online membership to Rivkin Local. Our mobile-friendly Members' Home is where you'll find any existing event recommendations, two additional investment strategies, our entire track record, regular market updates, our weekly Q&A show Virtually Live and much, much more. *Advice is general in nature only.

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“I’ve had both my SMSF and personal funds following Rivkin's recommendations since July 2013. In the last 12 months my portfolio has returned over a staggering 30%. Great stuff guys!“

Andre B., NSW (Rivkin member since 2013)

(for the cautious, the sceptical and the uninitiated)

What is an event-driven strategy?

Event-driven investing is a strategy that seeks to exploit short-term pricing inefficiencies caused by market-moving events such as company mergers, takeovers and restructures.

Trading events allows us also to potentially make money from companies that are not otherwise worthy from a long-term "buy". Here are three examples of where we've been able to apply our strategy in real-life scenarios:

In July 2015, Westpac decided to sell down a stake in its majority-owned company, BT Investment Management. This was a unique opportunity to us to put our event strategy in to play. We recommended our members buy at $8.20, and once the shares reached our ideal take profit requirements, we recommended a sell at $9.79 – which returned an outstanding 19.4% to our members in just one short week. 

Back in May, accounting software company MYOB decided to conduct an IPO. We recommended our members to buy the already-listed MYOB hybrids and convert these into the IPO at a discount. Our members bought the hybrids on our recommendation at $3.56 and sold on our recommendation at $3.85 – resulting in a tidy 8.1% return in three weeks. 

At the end of March this year, PanAust, one of Australia’s biggest listed copper miners received a hostile takeover bid from its largest shareholder, a Chinese company named GRAM. GRAM offered a low-ball price with no conditions attached. We decided to make the recommendation to buy PanAust shares on the view that the board would fight for a higher offer. We recommended our members purchase at $1.72 and sell at $1.85 – leading in a comfortable 7.6% return. 

I'm not sure Rivkin Local/the event strategy is for me.

Rivkin Local and/or the event strategy is not for everyone. Investors who prefer only longer term buy and hold philosophies; those who cannot act quickly on our advice given price movements can change very quickly; and those who prefer technical analysis to inform their short-term strategies rather than fundamental analysis will likely not find value in our service.

Finally, Rivkin Local/the event strategy is not a managed fund – as a member of this service, you receive our recommendations, you decide to take up the recommendation (or not) and then you make the trade using your own capital, via your own preferred broking platform.

Please note Rivkin does offer a solution for wholesale investors should this be what you're interested in. Please contact the office on 1300 748 546 to see if you qualify and learn more.

How many event recommendations can I expect per year?

Market conditions outside of our control mean we can’t guarantee the number of recommendations you’ll receive – but as a guide you can generally expect to receive between 10-15 event trade recommendations per year.

What is Rivkin Local? 

Established in 1997, and previously known as the Rivkin Report, Rivkin Local is a subscription-only online service that provides general investment advice on ASX-listed companies to its members. We see our role as finding profitable trade and investment opportunities for our members and communicating our recommendations in a clear and simple fashion. We provide specific recommendations including when to buy, at what price, and when to sell. We keep a full track record of our investments and trades so members can easily access our performance.

What's your investing philosophy? 

Rivkin Local does not adhere to a simple 'value investing' or ‘buy and hold indefinitely’ style of investment. On the contrary, its mandate is to actively seek out specific opportunities as they arise, in an effort to make significant returns for members in a relatively short period of time. And with Rivkin Local’s specific event-driven and income-based strategies, this can be achieved regardless of the prevailing market conditions. Rivkin Local runs three different investment strategies: 

Event: Our event strategy seeks to capitalise on specific ‘events’ (such as takeovers and company announcements) that we believe provide a low-risk catalyst where we can profit from in a relatively short period of time. 

Income: Our income strategy focuses on those securities that pay a high coupon or dividend. These may be in the form of debt, preference shares, or other securities that generally have a relatively high amount of income and no, or limited, capital growth.

Blue Chip: A quantitative, back-tested, low-maintenance, long-term strategy that invests in the highest yielding blue chip stocks for 12 months at a time, which has produced significant outperformance since we started using the strategy in 2008. We construct four Blue Chip portfolios a year: January, April, July and October, however there is no need or expectation to invest in all four portfolios. We advise members on how to rebalance each portfolio after 12 months, however, there are from time-to-time events (such as takeovers) where advice may pertain to one of the blue chip strategies requiring action.

What stocks do you cover? 

We do not attempt to cover all stocks listed on the ASX, nor do we pretend to have a view on all stocks. 

Each week, however, we analyse any stocks that our members have requested an opinion on, and comment on them on our online video/audio show, Virtually Live Local.

Do your stocks offer franking credits?

All of our investment strategies recognise the value of franking credits to local investors. Franking credits are an excellent way to boost returns, usually with minimal additional risk. Franking credits can be paid on franked Australian dividends and represent the tax paid at the company level. As a result, Rivkin Local is ideally suited to low tax paying entities (paying less than 30%) such as self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

How soon after I register for my free trial will I receive access?

Your Rivkin Local login details will be sent immediately to your nominated email address, providing your mobile number has been correctly verified. Should you have any issues starting your free trial, please contact the office on 1300 748 546 during AEST business hours.

I'm interested in technical analysis trading, is that what you offer?

Rivkin Local uses fundamental analysis to form its recommendations. However, we also offer a service named Rivkin Global which offers trade recommendations formed using technical analysis. Please contact the office to start to your complimentary trial.

How much does a membership to Rivkin Local cost?

Our most popular and flexible membership option costs just $37 per fortnight (minimum three months) and can be cancelled at any time. Longer memberships are available at a discount; please contact us to learn more.

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