Labor to scrap franking credits?

Labor to scrap franking credits?

The big news of yesterday was undoubtedly the announcement by Labor of its plans to, if elected, scrap the system of refundable franking credits.

The planned changes specifically target those low-income tax paying investors that receive cash refunds from franking credits, and in particular will affect super funds in pension phase.

Those franking credits will still act as tax deductions but will not reap cash refunds if those franking credits exceed the total tax owed.

Additionally, the CGT discount which applies to investments held longer than twelve months will reduce to only 25% of the gain from the current 50%.

If Labor wins the next election, these changes will be implemented on 1 July, 2019 and the changes will affect 200,000 of the 600,000 self-managed super funds along with another 1.2 million tax payers.

There is still a lack of clarity to some aspects of the proposed changes such as whether the new CGT discount will apply to investments retrospectively or only to new investments.

Needless to say, these are significant proposed changes and my expectation is that they will be far more unpopular than Labor has anticipated. Fully franked dividends have been a target of retail investors in Australia ever since the system was implemented, and retirees relying on this income stream will be greatly affected.

Additionally, there are likely to be significant unwanted effects of the changes such as a shift out of investments paying corporate tax such as equities (like the banks) and into those that pay no tax such as real estate investment trusts and infrastructure funds.

Additionally, property is likely to see a huge boost in investment interest from the SMSF audience – a huge potential negative for an asset class that is already well beyond affordable for the millennial generation.

So, despite the bluster and the fall in the stock market in response, it remains to be seen whether Labor will receive the sort of response it expected. Given the unwanted effects these changes could have, I expect a very negative response and some watering down of the proposal by the time the election rolls around.

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