US markets soft on Friday after a positive week, commodities lower, ASX futures down 12 points

Despite a move lower on Friday night for US markets, European markets were stronger and over the week the S&P 500 (today's first chart) finished 1.16% higher, with the ASX 200's weekly gain up 2.39%. Despite softer markets in the US, S&P 500 volatility futures actually declined slightly and as you can see from today's second chart, expected equity volatility in the US is sitting right on its bum - the fear in the market as indicated on the chart has dissipated and with an absence of macroeconomic fear, the focus will fall squarely on corporate earnings. The US earnings season so far hasn't been that impressive - when you take out the very top end, S&P 500 company earnings contracted on average versus the same 2014 period. Any misses in estimates haven't been alarming enough to ignite a fresh down trend though, you can see the S&P 500 on today's first chart is presently consolidating nearer the top of its medium-term range; and even if a break lower out of this consolidation emerges, there's plenty of room there to move before the market appears bearish.

To today's last chart, and Australia's S&P 200 is hitting up against its 5,700 selling resistance. It doesn't appear as though it'll be breaking higher above that level today, so we'll need to see what global markets have in store for us tonight. Looking at the way it is consolidating and hitting its head on the 5,700 ceiling, don't be surprised to see this market break lower before it gathers the momentum to establish new two-month highs. The market just appears to be happy to trade between 5,500 and 5,750 for now.

Source: Rivkin, Saxo Bank

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